Atrak - pulp and paper industries Atrak - pulp and paper industries Atrak - pulp and paper industries
A first class International team of Paper Experts have been responsible for the design of the project, erection of the Board Machine and the commissioning of the Plant using Black Clawson, ABB, Jagenberg, Beloit, Andritz, GAW etc, enabling the improvement of the quality & quantity of the product and maximizing the efficiency of the Plant. The Board Machine uses state of the Art drives from Converteam( ex Alstom),ABB, and SIEMENS.

To maintain international standards of quality and services we adopted QCS(Quality Control System) supplied by by ABB which is integrated into the entire process through DCS (Distributed Control System).

The production process is Eco-friendly. We contribute to the Middle East economy by utilizing Waste paper for production of The Grey Back Paper Board, thus generating added value and employment. The mill is supported by Sophisticated waste water treatment plant to treat and recycle the waste water.

The Coated Board Making Process
The Process of coated board making at Atrak pulp & Paper industrial company involves various phases & steps of converting Raw Material into a Finished Product. The various phases involved during this process could be summarized as:

1. RAW MATERIAL & PULP MAKING: Waste recycled paper is used in manufacturing paperboard in our plant. As white and Grey pulp is used to manufacture paperboard, therefore we have two main pulp preparation systems for white & grey pulp. The white pulp is made from imported hard wood. We have adopted latest International standard higher technology to manufacture pulp.The Waste paper treatment plant comprises of Lamort high-density pulper, cleaners, Coarse screens,Fine screens,disc filter for thickening, disperser.

2. SHEET FORMING: Looking to the quality demand and consumer requirement, our total product range is manufactured on six cylinder formers and Four drainer wire. The main composition of our baseboard is given below: The white and grey pulp manufactured from different process treated to make suitable for above seven layers. Chemicals & additives added as per different quality requirement and "stock" is pumped to different formers to make board sheet called "web". The web formed at different formers couched off and adhered together and form the complete board sheet.

3. PRESSING & DRYING: Board web formed at forming section carried by a felt called “making felt” to the press part. The double felted processes remove water from the web. After squeezing maximum water from the web from press part, sheet enters the dryer section where with the help of steam heated drying cylinders water from sheet is being evaporated

4. COATING & FINISHING: we have three stage coating section, we operate them depending upon end uses and grade requirement. The main purpose of pigment coating is to get better look and printing properties of top surface of the board. To meet above requirement, we include world-class pigment and binder in our coating formulation. To enhance gloss and smoothness we have calendar .

5. CONVERTING & PACKING: We have winder and cutter to meet market requirement. The sheet reams are packed with high B.F. Kraft and bundled in HDPE. The reel packing is in Kraft along with edge protector and HDPE.

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